Liz Anderson - Licensed Real Estate Agent

Agent Liz Headshot

"Your home is the backdrop of your future, invest wisely."-Liz Anderson

I am an entrepreneur and licensed Real Estate Salesperson. My primary focus is on client relationships and helping people market their real estate and wisely acquire their dream properties. With the right mindset and tools in hand, one can achieve all things. I believe in Karma and work hard to put my best self forward every day and find great joy in helping others make their dreams a reality.

I have a B.S. and M.A. in education and taught Special Education for 4 years. I absolutely loved teaching and felt great fulfillment from my job. As the education system began to shift and I decided to start a family, my priorities changed and I wanted more. I set out to find an opportunity that would allow me to grow and expand personally and financially without being confined to a traditional 9-5.

In 2010, I moved to the Capital District and was instantly taken with the Real Estate Industry. With the boom in social media and advances in social networking it proved to be a smart endeavor. I've strategically partnered with Carr Real Estate group as a means to providing comprehensive service with exceptional client relationships.